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About FlawTech

Thank you for choosing FlawTech. We are proud to be the premier supplier of Flawed Specimens to the global Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Industry around the world. Since our founding in 1982 by Dr. George Pherigo, FlawTech’s ultimate goal has been to provide the NDT Industry with cost-effective solutions to their flawed specimen needs. From the most complex custom specimen to our famous Standard Kits and Practical Exam Specimens, FlawTech can provide flawed specimens to cover virtually all NDT methods.

For over 30 years FlawTech’s technical staff has developed scores of new products and important new Flaw Manufacturing Technologies. With over 100 standard products, FlawTech offers the widest range of Flawed Specimens in the industry including Industry Specific Kits and Individual Specimens.

FlawTech’s available in-house custom design, engineering, manufacturing capabilities and QA Program are major reasons our growing customer base is one of repeat and new clients. FlawTech’s knowledge and extensive experience in NDT and metals manufacturing brings you invaluable real-world solutions to your Flawed Specimen needs, whether you are new to NDT or an experienced engineer with a unique challenge.

FlawTech understands and accepts the demands of our clients from expedited deliveries, high tolerance and quality requirements to limited budgets. Therefore FlawTech has invested heavily in her staff, facility, new equipment and research & development in an effort to shorten delivery times, ensure the highest product quality and maximize customer savings.

We look forward to working with you and we appreciate you making FlawTech your source for Flawed Specimens.

You'll find FlawTech products at work in myriad markets around the world.
· Custom Specimens
· Standard Kits
· Practical Exam

· Advanced

· API Kits
· AWS Kits
· ASME App. VII Kit
· ASME App. VIII Kits
· Weld Joint Kits
· EPRI Boiler Tube Kit
· Calibration Blocks


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