FlawTech's History

FlawTech’s available in-house custom design, engineering, manufacturing capabilities and QA Program are major reasons our growing customer base is one of repeat and new clients. FlawTech’s knowledge and extensive experience in NDT and metals manufacturing brings you invaluable real-world solutions to your Flawed Specimen needs, whether you are new to NDT or an experienced engineer with a unique challenge. FlawTech understands and accepts the demands of our clients, from expedited deliveries, high tolerance and quality requirements to limited budgets. Therefore, FlawTech has invested heavily in its staff, facility, new equipment and research & development in an effort to shorten delivery times, ensure the highest product quality and maximize customer savings. We look forward to working with you, and we appreciate you making FlawTech your source for Flawed Specimens.

FlawTech America, LLC | Manufacturing Facility located in Concord, NC.

FlawTech Owner, John Turner, pictured here at one of the many NDT exhibitions FlawTech participates in around the world.

FlawTech has been manufacturing flawed specimens for over 36 years. FlawTech’s founder, George Pherigo, far left.

FlawTech welders hard at work manufacturing various flawed specimens. FlawTech’s staff of over 20 employees has a combined 140 years of experience in the manufacturing of flawed specimens.

FlawTech sponsors and participates in many NDT exhibitions.

FlawTech visiting international clients and dealers in Shanghai.

FlawTech’s doors are always open. Pictured here are recent visitors along with FlawTech staff.

FlawTech is a major supporter of the ASNT Charlotte Section, pictured here is FlawTech’s annual open house for all ASNT members and NDT Technicians. This event is held annually in September and everyone is welcome.

Flawtech Team

FlawTech is always in support of its various clients and training groups. Pictured here is a local CWI training class out of Charlotte, NC returning for their annual visit.