Flaw Implant Techniques

FlawTech is known as an innovator within the NDT industry regarding flawed specimens and the methods used in their manufacturing. FlawTech uses several different flaw manufacturing techniques and processes it has developed and honed over its 36 years in the business of flaw manufacturing. FlawTech has the capacity to manufacture well over 40 different flaw types. As NDT inspection methods continue to evolve so do FlawTech’s manufacturing techniques. FlawTech takes into consideration the NDT inspection methods used to inspect their specimens prior to manufacturing. FlawTech encourages its clients to consider the history and longevity of the company they purchase their flawed specimens from. Because there is a difference in quality and quality is critical. Below are some images of flaws and screen images of FlawTech flaws.

Flaw face photo of a FlawTech Thermal Fatigue Crack
FlawTech can manufacture cracks of any length and depth.
Penetrant test of FlawTech Thermal Fatigue Crack
“J” Hook Crack
Penetrant test of FlawTech Toe Crack.
Photo of a FlawTech crack.
Penetrant Test of FlawTech Surface Cracking
ID Flaw Corrosion
FlawTech can replicate flaws as well as surface conditions.
UT image of FlawTech corrosion indication.
FlawTech can replicate most any surface condition and any flaw type.


Photo Gallery of a few custom specimens manufactured by FlawTech specimens over the years. FlawTech is not limited by specimen size or geometry.
FlawTech can produce any size sample.

FlawTech specimens used in the field: