FlawTech Cooperative Training

First and foremost, FlawTech is not entering the training business.

The Cooperative Training is actually in support of our training clients.  We are offering our services
(samples and facility) to all of our clients in an effort to help them grow their businesses.  The Cooperative
Training is intended to assist established training organizations as well as the new Level III who wants to
start their own training businesses.

FlawTech Will:

  • provide specimens
  • classroom and NDT lab
  • limited marketing of the classes

The Cooperative Training organization will:

  • provide the NDT training staff
  • NDT Method(s) curriculum
  • NDT equipment

FlawTech’s ultimate goal in supporting this effort is to help our training clients, new and old, grow their

All of the Cooperative Training classes will be held at the FlawTech facility in the Charlotte, North Carolina
area. The logistics are great for students in the mid-Atlantic region of the US.

Contact FlawTech for details.

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