Boiler Tube Damage Kit


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Officially Licensed by EPRI

Kit contains 19 Boiler Tubes with various damage indications manufactured by FlawTech while incorporating EPRI Technology; representing a complete range of fossil-fired boiler tube failure mechanisms steam and water touched.

Material: 18 tubes are SA513 Type 5 Gr1020/1026 c/s and 1 tube is 304/304L s/s.

Tube Specifications: (18 tubes) @ 2.5” OD x 0.25” Wall x ~8” Long and (1 tube) @ 1.5″ OD x 0.25″ Wall x ~8″ Long

Flaws / Indications:

  • Long Term Overheating/Creep
  • Fire Side Corrosion (Coal)
  • Toe Crack, Stress Corrosion (Stainless tube)
  • Soot Blower Erosion
  • Fatigue Crack (Toe)
  • Maintenance Damage
  • Pitting
  • Rubbing/Fretting
  • Chemical Cleaning Damage (Thinning & Pitting)
  • Material Flaw (Forging Lap)
  • Corrosion Fatigue Crack
  • Fly Ash Erosion, Hydrogen Damage
  • Acid Phosphate Corrosion
  • Caustic Gouging
  • Supercritical Waterwall Cracking (1.5″ OD tube)
  • Weld Defects (Lack of Fusion & Porosity)
  • Graphitization

Document Package: Includes C of C, “As Built” Drawings, Ultrasonic Report, Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates and Material Test Reports.

Carrying Case: Included (Rolling & Lockable)

Kit Weight & Dimensions: ~115LBS, 24” x 16” x 10”

EPRI Program 63 Members Receive a Special Discount.

Use This Kit to Assist in the Training and Qualifying of NDE Technicians to Accurately Identify Specific Boiler Tube Damage Found in Fossil Plants.

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Weight 115 lbs