Socket Weld Specimen Kit (316 SS)


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Socket Weld Kit / 316 Stainless Steel

Set of 6 Socket Weld specimens designed and recommended for technician practice inspection of vent, drain line, misc. socket welds and balance of plant.

  • Kit includes 2 specimens per pipe size
    • Pipe size specifications: 0.75” Sch80, 1.0” Sch80, 2.0” Sch80
    • (1) pipe to socket pipe coupling
    • (1) pipe to 1.5”x6”x6” plate with machined socket
  • Total of 12 real flaws per set; 2 flaws in each specimen, Fatigue & HAZ cracks and Lack of Fusions.
  • Critical Tolerance: +/-0.040″ (1mm)
  • Doc. Pack Includes: C of C, CAD Drawings, UT Report and Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates
  • This set may also be purchased in 304SS and 106B CS – See below.
  • You may buy individual specimens separately – Contact us for details.