“The Traveler” CWI Visual Training Kit


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FlawTech’s new polymer specimen set developed specifically for CWI training and testing.  Efficiently designed to provide a maximum number of indications with minimal weight to support the traveling CWI instructor.

Kit Specifications:

  • Material, polyurethane (gray color)
  • Designed to be very lightweight for ease of transport
  • 15 specimens, (6) Plates, (3) Tee Joints & (6) 180° Pipe Segments
  • Flaws / Indications, ~3 to 4 per specimen for a total of 50+ weld indications.
  • Specimens also contain various weld bevels and flame cut edges
  • All indications are based on AWS D1.1
  • Carrying Case, 1 @ 6” x 16” x 20”; fits all 15 samples
  • Weight ~20LBS

Please note the flaws / indications are intended to be “borderline” acceptable or rejectable. The end user (CWI) must make that determination.


  • Includes Certificate of Conformance, CAD drawings & Test Sheets

(Optional:  Weld Size and CAM Gauges)

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs


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