UT Thickness 6” Pipe Variable-Schedule Specimen





  • Carbon Steel pipe, 6” OD with variable schedules at SchSTD (0.28”), Sch80 (0.432”) and Sch120 (0.562”)
  • The pipe is a cut 180° segment with 12” axial length.
  • The ID has 3 machined steps; 0.28”, 0.432” and 0.562”, each step is 4” in axial length.


  • Each wall thickness/step will contain 1 or 2 ID surface indications.
  • The indications include:
    • Corrosion
    • Random Pitting
    • Erosion
  • The indication depths will vary depending on the pipe wall thickness.
    • Typical depths range from 25%, 50% and 75% through wall.
  • The overall size of the surface indication will vary as to the depth of the indication.
  • The indication depth will be stated at the deepest point of each indication.  Pitting indications will be based on the deepest pit.

Final Documentation:

  • Includes C of C, “As Built” CAD and Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates
    • “As Built” CAD will show a general description of the flaws surface area.


  • #VS-06-3, 3x Indications Specimen, $2,885.00
  • #VS-06-6, 6x Indication Specimen, $3,705.00
    • Custom flaws type, flaw quantities and flaw sizes are available upon request.


  • 15LBS

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs

3 Indications, 6 Indications