Four Section Plate



Corrosion, Erosion, and Lamination UT Thickness Training & Certification Plates


  • 1018 carbon steel


  • Plates will be divided into 4 quadrants with machined scribe lines with each quadrant identified Alpha/Numerically on plate.
  • The opposing side (host side) of the plate will host 2 randomly placed simulated corrosion, erosion and/or laminations.
  • The quadrant selection and indication depth will be selected randomly or selected by the client.
  • The through wall depths of the indications will vary but the target depths will range from ¼, ½ & ¾ T.
  • The recorded depth of the corrosion indications will be based on the deepest spot within the field of corrosion.
  • The side of the carbon plate hosting the indications will be painted with a “Rust-Oleum” type paint to assist in preventing additional corrosion.
  • The host side of the plate will be covered with a “removable” cover plate


  • Certificate of Conformance, “As Built” CAD and Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates

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0.25"T, 0.375"T, 0.50"T, 0.625"T, 0.75"T, 1.0"T