API RP- 2X Practice Test Kit


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Designed in the spirit of API RP-2X, these specimens offer a technician advanced training in UT flaw detection & sizing in unique configurations.  This kit is a great tool for conducting practical examinations, as well as preparing technicians for typical industry exams.


  • A36 carbon steel plate
  • A106B carbon steel pipe
  • Total of 4 specimens
  • 90° “T” Connection, 0.75” T x 16” (weld length) x 4” (carrier) x ~8” (leg)
  • 60°  Diagonal “Y” Connection, 0.75” T x 12” (weld length) x 4” (carrier) x ~8” (leg)
  • Simulated Pipe Splice 1” T x 18”  (weld length) x ~12”  (~6”  either side of weld center line) with 0.25” x 1”  Backing Bar
  • Pipe Longitudinal Weld 8” Sch60 (0.406”)  x 18” x ~180°  segment (~6” either side of longitudinal weld center line)


  • Total of 11 flaws
  • Flaws are randomly placed ~2-4 flaw per specimen
  • Flaw design and manufacturing intent is to make all flaws rejectable as per API RP-2X Level C acceptance criteria (Fig. 45 & 48).
  • Flaw acceptability must be determined by the end user and will not be determined by ultrasonics during or post manufacturing.


  • ~170LBS


  • Includes Certificate of Conformance, “As Built” CAD drawings, “Blank” CAD Test Sheets, UT Inspection Report (per FlawTech spec #FT-10-1 Level A) and Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates




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